Our stands:

  • Standard stands

  • Trade fair stands are created from elements of the OCTANORM system and consist of walls, covering, name of a company on the framing above an entrance, number of the stand, lighting, furniture and additional equipment such as a counter, showcase, racks, platforms, hangers, etc. The customers can easily adapt an outlook of the stand to their own expectations and whims.

  • Maxima Light stands

  • Trade fair stands are created on the basis of individual designs and from elements of MAXIMA LIGHT system, modern and elegant profile, which allows to built massive constructions of a subtle look, use huge advertising space, or construct practical furniture. Moreover, it is possible to incorporate in the profile eye-catching lighting and install glass countertops by means of a special holder.

  • Individual stands

  • In building individual trade fair stands we do not restrict ourselves only to elements of OCTANORM and MAXIMA LIGHT systems, but we can also make use of other materials such as wood, glass, or steel and aluminum constructions. These types of stands are built for the most demanding customers, and they draw people’s attention thanks to audacious and interesting designs, as well as inquisitive colors, composition, and lighting.

  • Non-standard stands

  • We also offer to build more complex trade fair stands such as multi-level, storeyed, as well as various pavilions or tents, which are constructed both indoor of trade fairs and outdoor on the open space.

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